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Proposal for a session in which you play a game, or in which you play around as a group with one or more technologies, or in which you do something fun or original.

Mapmaking session notes

Facilitator: Kristine Hildebrandt We looked at some example maps in addition to the ones I included in the session proposal: We made a map on Google Maps: And here are the basic instructions for creating maps in Google Maps and in R (we didn’t have time to cover R) I. Getting Started […]

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Play Session Proposal: Text Adventures: Interacting and Creating Narrative History through Accessible Programming

In this session, we’ll play and explore legacy text adventure games, take a look at free development software used to make them, and collaborate on an example of a text adventure game using primary documents from archival and special collections as its foundation.  Text adventures were popularized in the early 1980s as text-only adventure games that […]

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Session Proposal: Making Maps With Computers

I have some experience with making custom maps using Google Maps and also using some free software called (R), which was originally developed for doing statistics, but has become much more powerful and useful through time. I’m interested in leading a hands-on session to demonstrate some of the features of both tools, and to briefly mention some other […]

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Talk/Play Session-Digital East St. Louis

Session Organizers: Sudhamadhuri Arvapally, Jessica DeSpain, Matt Johnson, Sharon Locke, & Mallory Maves This presentation will share work underway with Digital East St. Louis, a project funded by a National Science Foundation Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers grant. Housed at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, the project is a collaboration between the Science Technology […]

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