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Notes on Text Adventures: Interacting with and creating narrative history through accessible programming

Description of Session: Explore legacy text adventures, look at free TA development software, and collaborate on an example text adventure We worked through the website to play legacy text adventures, most popularly Zork I so we could develop an understanding of how interactive fiction works. Most TA begin with the player (you) being dropped into […]

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Make Session – Digital Humanities Toolkit via LibGuides

Facilitator: Lora Smallman Description: I’ll lead a session on building a digital humanities (DH) toolkit intended especially for beginners. If you’re new to DH, this is a great session to come and get your feet wet. I’ll be using a web-based software called LibGuides to build this toolkit. I’d also like to see veteran DH folks […]

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Talk session proposal: Digital Human Rights

Facilitators:  Nancy Lutz, Diana Nastasia, Sorin Nastasia New communication technologies have revolutionized the field of human rights, making it possible to create connections between individuals and organizations in a myriad of different ways. This session hopes to collaboratively explore examples of the ways in which social justice groups and other human rights organizations locally, nationally, […]

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