Maker Challenge

Maker Challenge Projects


All attendees are invited to compete in a “Maker Challenge.” Here is how it will work:

  1. Attendees (you, or a group) will work to create a digital object like a document, an image, an app, a script, a website, an archive, a bibliography, a wikipedia page, even a project plan or PowerPoint presentation.
  2. You, or your group will post a link and a description of your project in a blog post on this site and categorize it as “Maker Challenge.”
  3. You and/or you group will share what you’ve created in 3-5 minutes after the final session on Sunday, June 12th.
  4. Winners will be determined, announced, and awarded their prizes on Sunday, June 12th. Voting will take place after the last session on Sunday.



First Prize: Apple iPad Mini 3

Second Prize: Hero Session Go Pro

Third Prize: Google Cardboard



  1. Only people who have registered for and checked in at SIUE THATCamp 2016 are eligible to collect prizes.
  2. “Projects” will be defined with exceeding looseness, but the project should be new — it should not have existed before THATCamp.
  3. Pairs and groups are more than welcome to work on projects together, and advice and help from anyone is perfectly fine, but each prize can only be given to one person. Teams should be appointed a “captain” to receive the prizes, and teams should make their own arrangements for how to share the prizes and, for that, matter the glory.

Have questions? Feel free to contact Lora Smallman (moc.l1534771403iamg@1534771403pmact1534771403ahteu1534771403is1534771403)

Maker Challenge Resources & Examples

  1. Maker Challenge @ THATCamp Digital Writing, Fordham University, 2014 –  Examples of digital objects created.
  2. Maker Challenge @ THATCamp CHNM, George Mason University, 2013 – Additional examples of digital objects.
  3. Dirt Directory: Digital Research Tools – Check out the various tools used in digital humanities projects to inspire your maker challenge submission!

(Wording for the Maker Challenge is modified from THATCamp CHNM Maker Challenge page, which is governed by a CC license.)